Kimberly and her beloved dog Tessa on the peak of Mountain Kearsarge (South) in New Hampshire.

Kimberly and her beloved dog Tessa on the peak of Mountain Kearsarge (South) in New Hampshire.


I am a versatile writer/editor, creative director and strategic thinker who can help you to tell your story, define your brand identity and boost your organization's visibility, sustainability and profitability.

I will take the time to understand your organization, assess your needs and develop creative strategies to reach your audiences.

Most importantly, I will assist you in identifying your organization's core values, strengths and competitive edge and turn your curious followers into loyal students, customers or donors.

My Story

I'm curious about the world and passionate about telling its stories. I've worked in higher education for most of my career, but I've also worked for newspapers, magazines, non-profit organizations and a high-tech public relations firm. I seek to capture the essence of what drives people, organizations, businesses and institutions and makes them distinctive and worthy of our interest and attention.

I am the founding editor of two college (print) magazines and have led the content and architectural development of college websites. I enjoy the creative process, whether it’s writing a profile, creating a new publication, or developing a marketing campaign.

Telling Your Story

My role is to create marketing communications that strike at the heart of who you are, what you do and how you impact the world around you. Through the power of creative, authentic and consistent narratives, I help clients build their distinct brand identity and amplify their value proposition across media channels.

Do you need help in creating and spreading your organization's stories? And in reaching and deepening relationships with your customers? 

Contact me for a consultation and learn how I can employ the power of your stories to achieve your highest goals.